Moisture-Prevention In Your Storage Unit

Moisture can be really detrimental to the items you have stored away in your self storage unit. You need to ensure that your possessions aren’t exposed to it, so that they can be in the best condition possible when you’re ready to retrieve them.
Here are some things you probably didn’t know you could do to keep your self storage unit as moisture-free as possible. Follow these tips and see how they work for you.

• See if there are any leaks. If you notice a leak, then don’t rent that storage units or have the leaks fixed before renting it.

• Inquire about the humidity level in the storage unit. The average level in the area should be less than 50%.

• Don’t store damp items, because they can add to the moisture level in the air inside your unit.

• Add a vapor barrier to the mix. This is a “polyethylene plastic or foil coating used to damp-proof any room or space.”

• Try making desiccant packs, which can help to absorb moisture with moisture-absorbing crystals such as silica gel. Silica gel in particular, can actually absorb about 40% of its weight in moisture.

• Use charcoal to help absorb some of the moisture from the air. It can also help to absorb musty odors as well. Just make sure not to place them next to anything that can get stained by them, like your sofa.

• Try using kitty litter. Just place an open bag or bucket of kitty litter inside the unit and it will absorb the moisture that’s in the air, thus stopping mold and mildew from growing.

• Keep your belongings safe by packing them in the respective materials, which will keep moisture from getting to them. Also, stack them up on wooden pallets which will stop them from absorbing moisture from the condensation from concrete floors.

• It’s a good idea to use climate controlled-storage, especially if you want to store items which are easily susceptible to moisture damage.

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