Moving and Storing Your Kitchen Appliances

When you’re moving, you need to remember that your kitchen appliances need just as much careful and tender handling as your tiny china glass tea set. You don’t want to damage your expensive and useful appliances. That’s why you need to educate yourself on the proper methods for moving and storing them, so they can be in the best condition and serve you for possibly the full length of their years.
The following are tips that you can use for the different kitchen appliances within your home. Pay careful attention to them and you can move your appliances properly.

– Defrost it a few days before it is scheduled to be moved.
– Drain all water dispensers and icemakers and let the dry.
– Move all the shelves and drawers inside the fridge and clean them thoroughly.
– Keep the refrigerator upright when transporting it and tape the doors shut.
– Store the refrigerator with the door opened up a little so that moisture won’t accumulate in it.

– Remove shelves and pots/pans so that you can clean the stove entirely.
– Have a professional turn the gas off and remove the piping.
– Place the pipes inside the stove so that you can get them easily when you’re ready to retrieve them.
– You can unplug your stove yourself if it’s an electric one and tape the plug at the stove’s side to keep it safe while it‘s in storage.
– Tape down the knobs to stop it from getting damaged while you’re moving the stove.

– Clean your dishwasher and let it dry with its door open for approximately 24 hours.
– Clean your hoses and then wrap them in newspaper or towels. Put them inside the dishwasher so that they’ll be safe throughout storage.

– Clean the glass turntable/plate separately from the microwave.
– Clean the microwave and try your best to find the original packaging.
– If you can’t get the original packaging, get a heavy duty cardboard box and use newspaper or bubble wrap to stop any damaging from happening.
– Remember to tape the door shut when you’re going to move it.

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