Moving Boxes: The Different Types

When you’re moving, you’re probably going to get a bit nervous about the safety of your things, because you want them to get to your destination in the same state that they left your current spot. That’s why there are some things that you should know about packaging items.
You should know that not every box is the same when it comes to moving. The different moving boxes serve different purposes and this can affect how safely your stuff is transported. Check them out.

• Small boxes/cartons: These are 1.5 cubic ft. boxes that are the smallest boxes available for carrying under 50 pound items. They’re great for moving lamp shades, small appliances, tools, etc.

• Medium boxes/cartons: These are 3 cubic ft. boxes and they’re really popular because of how convenient their size is. They are usually used for packing kitchen appliances, pots, pans, electronics and more.

• Med-Large boxes/cartons: These are 4.5 cubic ft. boxes that can hold up to 65 lbs. and are great for moving large lamps, children toys and linens. You should remember to pack these boxes with lighter items (try not to go over 50 lbs).

• Wardrobe boxes/cartons: They are used to move clothes and other fabric that you want to keep hanging.

• Mirror cartons: These are for mirrors and other breakable items you have, such as glass and picture frames too.

• Dishpack: These are for the dishes. You can transport your crystals, valuable china and antiques in them. Remember to pack them carefully so they don’t get damaged or broken.

• Large boxes/cartons: These are 6 – 6.5 cubic ft. boxes that are great for carrying light, but bulky items, such rugs, mats, stuffed toys, etc.

• Mattress box: These are great for moving and storing your mattress for a very long period of time, so that it stays safe from the elements, punctures, etc.

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