Moving in Winter? Here Are Some Tips For An Easy Move

If you’ve ever moved or helped someone move then you know how much work it can be to move between to residences. Most people move during the summer months as the weather is nicer and the move is a little more pleasant. Sometime however you may find yourself having to move in the winter months and this can be a completely different experience.

There are many things to consider when you are moving in the winter as opposed to the summer months. This is especially true in Ottawa because of our cold climate. There are some benefits of course as you’ll notice it is likely cheaper to rent a moving truck in Ottawa or to hire a moving company. There are some definite drawbacks though of course too because it is slippery, cold, and may even be stormy and prevent you from moving on your preferred dates.

To help make moving in the winter a little easier, it is important to have several things on hand to prevent injury and also ensure that you are able to move your goods efficiently. Some items you will want to have on hand include:

  • A snow shovel (or a few) to help clear walkways and move snow from paths you need to access.
  • Salt or sand to sprinkle on walkways and paths to ensure that nobody slips while carrying furniture and moving boxes.
  • Large piecse of cardboard can also be helpful to put down ontop of entrances and carpeted areas to prevent debris and dirt from outside making its way into your home and damaging your carpets.
  • Extra gloves, sweaters and some warm clothes for yourself and your helpers in case someone forgets theirs or if they get soaking wet it can be handy to have some extras on hand ready for use.
  • Hot beverages and food such as hot chocolate for your helpers. Even if they are hired helpers, this will be much appreciated and can act as a tip for their hard work.
  • Extra supplies such as rags, cleaner, mop and plastic sheeting. All of these items can help to clean and protect your furniture and home’s interior from the dirt, slush, snow, ice, and mud commonly found in Ottawa’s winter wonderland.

Overall we wish you happy holidays and a safe and happy move to your new home and we have some moving boxes available for you to pack up your belongings during your move and also some great promotions on storage in Ottawa to help provide a home for your goods while they are in between homes or if you are downsizing and need somewhere to put the extra items.

Give us a call to find out more about our great holiday promotions. Talk soon.