Not Safe For Storage: 12 Things You Should Never Keep or Do Inside a Storage Unit

A storage unit is a place to stash your stuff. You know, things like furniture, garments, childhood toys, VHS tapes you swear you may watch again sometime in the not so distant future, et cetera. Be that as it may, a few people take the protection gave by three walls and a roll up door excessively far.


Just Right Self Storage as of late reviewed our customers for stories about the most extraordinary and unseemly things they have ever found occupants keeping in a storage unit—or if nothing else attempted to keep.


A few normal topics rose, and the outcome is the complete rundown of twelve things that simply don’t have a place in a storage unit. We utilized the proposals to make our 2017 Client Calendar, including our own particular Just Right Self Storage workers reproducing these self-stockpiling no-no’s underneath:



1. Drugs

 While just a single stockpiling administrator said medicate managing and tranquilize stuff, we’ve perused enough news stories regarding the matter to realize that utilizing stockpiling units as an alternative medication lab/distribution center is a very regular event. In addition to the fact that it is illicit, an absence of appropriate ventilation makes a storage unit a not as much as perfect place to produce methamphetamine. Wannabe Walter Whites should discover somewhere else to hang their hazardous materials suit.



2. Unexploded Ordinance, Ammo and Other Survivalist Activities

 A customer in Ottawa had an occupant who needed to store a working Civil War-time gun alongside its “touchy” supplies. That was a no go. Offices have differing arrangements on putting away firearms and ammunition, so occupants ought to constantly double check with an administrator before putting away any such things.



3. An Underground Fight Club

 As a rule, storerooms don’t allow any sort of dynamic uses nearby. Some will permit groups to practice or individuals to practice calm pastimes, yet a battle club? No way.


“I had a person make a request to lease a 20×20 unit so he could put a MMA-sort ring in there and have a battle club. He really utilized the words “battle club” in our discussion,” said another customer in Ottawa.



4. Live Cats

 Keeping a pet in a storage unit is clearly a demonstration of remorselessness, yet regardless it happens (and it breaks our hearts). Regardless of the possibility that the occupant is routinely nourishing and watering the creatures, bolted inside a confined, dim storage unit is no place for any pet.

A customer announced discovering seven felines in a storage unit that had been left there for seven days. The spirit of the story: in the event that you can’t keep your pets at home, or with a companion or relative, make the best decision and take them to a safe house—not a 5×5.



5. Party Zone

 A supervisor detected some employees heaping into a storage unit and shutting the entryway behind them to take part in “extracurricular exercises.”


While we can just envision precisely what that involves, how about we simply say a storage unit is not appropriate for an off-grounds doobie circle or an out and out party. Party hard elsewhere.



6. Live Bees

 A customer had to let us know that she had a man inquire as to whether they could store live honey bees and a hive within a unit. While this doesn’t appear as remorseless as keeping a puppy or feline in a unit, we can’t resist the urge to think about the numerous, numerous ways this could possibly turn out badly. Will we keep self-stockpiling free from swarms of irate cooped-up honey bees stinging everything in sight please? Much appreciated.



7. Dead Bodies

 Dead bodies aren’t the sort of thing you would anticipate that an occupant will inquire as to whether they can store, yet you’d be amazed.


“I was inquired as to whether we could store dead bodies. Tragically, as I disclosed to the guest, as much as we would love to store the dead bodies, we unfortunately don’t have atmosphere controlled units,” said a trough at a mini storage.


Unfortunately, numerous cadavers that are found in a storage unit are the consequence of treachery, similar to one found an office in Austin, TX:



8. An Illegal Cockfighting Ring

 Facilitating a battle club or putting away creatures are sufficiently terrible all alone, however consolidating them is surprisingly more dreadful.


“I went to keep an eye on somewhere in the range of inhabitants moving in they were attempting to mastermind and move in a variety of enclosures, supplies and chickens for “show” and battling,” said another of our clients in Ottawa. “We rapidly let them know they could store supplies and pens however no nourishment or live creatures.”



9. Stolen Cash

 A storage unit may appear like an extraordinary place to stash your burglary pull, however a storage supervisor won’t delay to move up your entryway when law authorization appears with a warrant.


10. A Private Love Nest

Why do as such many individuals get a kick out of the chance to get freaky within storage units? I don’t have the slightest idea, however they do.


“I had this exceptionally tidy, legitimate more seasoned English woman, tweed coat and all, that called to state she had movers empty her unit, and when I went to “I had this very prim, proper older English lady, tweed jacket and all, that called to say she had movers vacate her unit, and when I went to check that it was all cleaned out, there was a bondage chair in the middle of the unit,” said a manager at a storage facility.

Furthermore, this from another office.

“I had a gentleman in his 60s who always came to the facility dressed as if he was going out on the town. I was impressed that he always took the time to look good. Then I found out he was taking women to his unit to have sex with. I told him that is not allowed on facility grounds and he moved out the next day.”



11. Live Snakes

 A client from mini storage in Ottawa had an incredible stun when her office opened a specific reprobate unit.


“We cut a lock on a unit and found a 25-gallon aquarium with a boa constrictor, about 8 feet long, still alive!” Peters said.


Fortunately for the snake, the story has a happy ending.


“An auction buyer that loved snakes bought the unit.”



12. A Time Machine 

This was somewhat of an extend, however in any event its engaging. From Joe Senter of Stor All Storage in Pisgah, OH:


“The weirdest thing that someone wanted to store here was from a guy we’ll call Sigmund Hinkley, an experimental physics professor from Duke University. He said he was storing a portable TIME machine. I told him, “Yeah…okay, sure,” and handed him his lock and lease, thinking this guy was a real piece of work. He vacated two months later without notice, which didn’t surprise me because of how flighty he had acted from the get-go.


A week later I was at a Laurel & Hardy film festival in Cincinnati, in which films from the silent movie era were screened. About half way through the event, the film “Love ’em & Weep” was shown, and I nearly gagged on my caramel corn.


There on the grainy black & white screen was Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, and…holy smokes!… SIGMUND HINKLEY! The film credits said “Siggy” Hinkley but clearly it was him…in a 90-year-old movie, looking exactly the same as when I’d seen him in person last month. The only possible explanation: Hinkley really DID have a time machine!”


We’re not buying it, but the amount of radioactive material likely required to power a hypothetical time machine surely is not safe for storage.


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