One Too Many Wedding Gifts!

Wedding bells are ringing and wedding gifts your 342 guests will be bringing…each. Well, maybe we exaggerated a little about the number of guests. As of 2014, the average number of guests at a given wedding is approximately 136 – it could be less, it could be more.
The point is, with such large numbers of people at your wedding, you may end up getting more than one of the same kind of gift. You don’t need 4 blenders and 3 toasters after you get married, no matter how pretty the colors they come in. You’re probably going to need to get rid of some of that stuff. You don’t need unused appliances and other stuff taking up space in your home. What should you do with it, you ask? Here’s what…

1. You can keep some of it – Hold on to things like consumable items (candles and wine), things that will quickly wear out (kitchen towels), things that are fragile (vases, glass sets, plates, etc.). Even decorative items are a good idea to keep, especially when they have the tendency to wear out. Keep the extras and some of the other stuff you won’t be using constantly, in storage until you’re ready to use it.

2. You can trade – You can trade some of the extra items back to the store they were purchased from (as long as you still have the receipts, that is). Or, you can trade up some smaller appliances and add the difference, to purchase a bigger, more needed appliance. Look for coupons, too.

3. You can add a price tag – Sell some of that stuff. You can look to local stores or online sites such as eBay to find out the various average prices that you can sell your items for.

4. You can give them away – Donating the stuff you don’t need is a great idea. You can give them to charities or even to struggling families that you know would really appreciate them. It’s good karma.

5. You can give them as gifts – So, those 3 toasters? Give 2 away, as long as they don’t have something like “A gift to Pam & Dave, on your wedding day…” engraved on it, then go right ahead! Someone else will really appreciate it. Don’t worry; you don’t have to give it away immediately. You can store it away until the perfect occasion pops up, like a birthday or a wedding.

6. You can organize the stuff you don’t need right now – You’ve got to protect the stuff you don’t need right now. When you’re storing stuff away, make sure you do it carefully and effectively, so that when you are ready to use it, it is in a good condition.

Although a wedding is usually a blissful occasion, we know that after you tie the knot, you may be a little overwhelmed. You may just need to get organized and settle down. We sure hope these few tips were relevant and helpful. You can put away some of your new gifts or old belongings that you don’t use too often, in a mini storage so that they won’t be too strenuous on you in the time after your wedding day.

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