Organizing and Storage Trends This Year!

There has always been struggle to find solutions for storage and organization problems that home owners struggle with all the time. Home owners are longing to find a way to increase their resale value, by improving their aesthetics and functionality, by making storage more efficient and effective.
Home owners are always trying to make the very best of their square footage. They are looking into utilizing the simpler, more temporary options that are available for storage. These top trends can make that much easier to do.

• Versatility and Adaptability: This is basically “specialized storage”, because it gives innovate ways of repurposing space and setting it to use for other home needs. Try cubbies, for instance – they help you to keep your kitchen, bathrooms and playrooms in order.

• Utility and Décor: These are very convenient, as they offer a 2 in 1 solution. They are decorative pieces that also offer storage options for your room. You can do this with pieces like antiques and furniture – an easy way to decorate and store simultaneously.

• Custom Closets Space: Walk-in closets are the new “it”. They’ve been around for a long time, but with this new trend, home owners are repurposing their rooms to accommodate them. They are “taking space away from second and third bedrooms to gain space for a walk-in master closet.”

• Super Pantries: Homeowners want pantries to do more than just store food. They want their pantries to offer flexible space in which they can do various things, whether it be for appliance storage, mini-project stations or prep space.

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