Organizing Your Accessories

Now this one’s for all the ladies…and possibly the guys who like accessories just as much. Imagine a day out shopping with your friends. You see something; you like it; you think “I’ve got the perfect outfit to wear this with at home” and you buy it.
The something we’re talking about is accessories, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves and other stuff – even shoes. These can be really attractive and fun to mix and match and compliment your clothing and your look. Unfortunately, they can also get a tad bit messy after you’ve bought them, worn them like two or three times and you no longer carefully store them away like you use to. These tips can help you to keep your accessories organized, though. Just keep them in mind.

• Get vintage picture frames that match the aesthetic look of your room or closet and get pins or nails too. After you attach the pins or nails to the frame, you can hang your necklaces and bracelets along it.

• Get an earring tree. You may think it’s an old time piece, but it isn’t any less effective. There are more modern and attractive designs to the old tree, so you can find something that’s a bit more to your fancy. Hang your earrings in them whenever you’re finished wearing them.

• Get a hanger and a packet of plastic shower curtain rings. Clip the rings into the bottom bar of the hanger and string a scarf through each of the rings. You can hang it in your closet – that way, your scarf stays wrinkle-free, visible and easy to access.

• Get a hat rack. It’s a great way to keep your hats neat and tidy and it’s great for displaying them so you don’t have to search for them when you want to match them up with an outfit.

• Get a hanging door organizer for your shoes and put them all in – it’ll be easy to see them and match them up with your clothing. You can also get some storage containers to put your shoes in so that you can place them under your bed if you desire.

Give it a shot and see if these tips improve your tidiness and your life. We’ve got what you are looking for concerning self-storage in Ottawa. We’re the number one source for storage in Ottawa and Gatineau. Give us a call so we can discuss your storage locker options at Just Right Self Storage. We’re conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core and only minutes away from Gatineau.