Organizing Your Family’s Memorabilia

Like the word implies, ‘memorabilia’ has everything to do with memories. So anything that holds a meaning or some type of memory to you, whether it be pictures, letters, cards or other such items.
However, despite the memories such items bear, holding onto each and every piece of precious memorabilia can actually cause you to build up some clutter in your home. We know how you feel about such beloved items, but we know how disruptive clutter may actually be to your life, so we’ll show you how you can organize your memorabilia effectively. Check them out…

• Separate your memorabilia into different piles: There should be at least 3 piles you should have – a “toss” pile, a ‘keep’ pile and a ‘pass on’ pile. Some memorabilia should just be thrown away, some of them you would want to keep and some of them you would want to give away to your children, relatives or close friends.
• Place your memorabilia into categories: Figure out what things you still have an attachment to and what you don’t and put them into groups so that you can decide what you’re going to keep or throw away.
• Professionally preserve clothes that hold special meaning: Clothes like christening gowns or wedding gowns or maybe even your baby’s first outfit, can be preserved to guard them against the elements.
• Think about digital scrapbooking: You can make a digital scrapbook, instead of making a physical one. You can then print it when you’re done.
• Organize your memorabilia in photo boxes: These are bins that you can use to store things like your children’s drawings, ribbons, awards, medals, notes and more.
• Make baby books: Use them to summarize your children’s health and accomplishment information.
• Give each of your family members the opportunity to sort their memorabilia out: They can decide what they want to keep, get rid of or pass on.
• Don’t stress out too much: Sorting your memorabilia out may tug on your heartstrings quite a bit, but you shouldn’t let it overwhelm you too much.

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