Ottawa Storage Tip: Making the most of a small apartment

You’ve just moved into your new apartment but oops, not enough space to put all your belongings you’ve accumulated over the years. But this apartment is so much more affordable and in a better location than the last one. And so you compromise. But the question still remains, what to do with all this stuff?! There are many ways to organize & rearrange your space in a small apartment to accommodate your belongings. Maybe not all mind you, but the important ones and the loved possessions.


     Now the most obvious piece of advice would be to . . . get rid of some stuff! Don’t hoard. Some stuff just got to go. Go through your belongings with a critical eye and remove the things that you really don’t need. Remember there are always places to donate anything and so they would be used and loved after they have moved on. Even some appliances really aren’t needed as much as you may think. Or one could get one machine to do the job of the five you have lying around taking up space.


      Some parts of the home if formatted a bit can add extra storage as well. For example, most closets can add an extra rod or shelf to hold additional items. Even hanging organizers, shoe racks, you name it. Under a bed, if high enough, can give a good amount of storage space for containers and so on. One can even put risers underneath the bed to increase the storage space. Book shelves for example can hold some containers. They can even be decorative to add some colour and zest to the life of the apartment.


    Another good idea is to use vertical space in your home; that is, the walls and so. Hanging organizers, pot racks, and even some shelves can really increase the storage capacity of the place. And they certainly wouldn’t look out of place.


     The final idea is furniture! Not what you would expect right? Some furniture can have multiple uses and so this is a must have for small spaces. Whether it can “transform” into various pieces of furniture, example a seat that with a little addition can become a table or it can be a chair with storage compartments, it is certainly very helpful and saves a lot of space.


     For the belongings that you still need to find space for though, self-storage in storage units is always a great option for the individual with a lot of personal belongings that need to be kept.

      So now that you have all these extra ideas to add space to your apartment I hope all your loved belongings get the home they deserve without your space looking like a cluttered mess.


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