Ottawa Storage Tips for Storing Winter Clothing

Fortunately the nice weather is upon us and the cold winter months have come to a close. As the warm weather sweeps over the city and everyone is starting to enjoy outdoor time, you may be thinking about your winter clothing storage and what to do with all of those heavy garments that protect you during the winter from the harsh elements. If you have children or a large family then you are likely very familiar with the troubles of storing your mountain of clothing when summer approaches. The good news is that we have some helpful tips for preparing your clothing for storage in your Ottawa storage unit and there are some great promotions running right now to make your move into our storage facility even easier and more affordable.

One of the most important things you can do prior to moving your clothing into your storage unit is to wash away winter. Get yourself some old rags, cloths or wipes and a bucket or pot of warm water. Gently wipe away excess debris and salt that is left on your clothing from winter. It’s a very good idea at this stage to put some leather conditioner on your shoes and boots to keep them in good condition, ready for next winter.

Once you have washed away as much of winter as possible and your clothing and footwear has properly dried, it is time to vacuum pack your items to make them as compact as possible while protecting them from the elements. One great thing about our storage units is that they are all temperature controlled and humidity controlled to provide the optimal storage environment for your clothing.

After your items are all sealed away in vacuum packs it is time to bring them down to our storage facility, conveniently located in the centre of Ottawa. Drive in to the central drive-thru lane for quick access to your storage unit no matter what side of the storage facility you rent your storage locker on. This is a great time to also bring some extra winter goodies such as any sleds or toboggans, shovels and other winter-related items (even your extra bags of salt for your walkways). You will have peace of mind throughout the entire summer knowing that your goods are stored safe and secure in our Ottawa storage facility ready for the next seasonal changeover when you bring your summer items into storage such as your lawn equipment and tools as well as your patio furniture.

Once you have prepared your clothing for the seasonal storage, head on over to our storage promotions page for some great deals on storage in Ottawa.