Ottawa Storage Units are like Your Second Closet

Storage in Ottawa can be your second closet. If you live outside of the downtown core then you may have more storage space but if you live in Ottawa’s city centre then you may not have space for everything, especially larger items such as seasonal recreation equipment like bikes. Most likely you are happy with your current residence so moving is not an option and parting with your belongings is likely not an option as well. So what do you do with your extra stuff that you need from time to time but do not have a large enough amount of storage space in your home?

There are affordable solutions available to store your belongings in our Ottawa storage facility so that you can enjoy your belongings when you need them and store them securely when they are not needed right away. Of course if you ever find the need arise to access them right away then you can with no trouble as we have 24/7 access and a central drive-thru lane for even easier access. A storage unit in Ottawa is also very handy if you are downsizing and need temporary or even long-term storage.

Another great way that a self storage unit can benefit you is by acting as a secure vault for your sentimental belongings such as your old photographs or a quilt from your grandmother. Self storage units in Ottawa are climate-controlled at Just Right Self Storage and monitored around the clock with state-of-the-art security to make sure that your goods are kept safe. This can be helpful for keeping your belongings safe in the event of a disaster. Imagine if there was a flood at your house and all of your photos were damaged or destroyed. It makes more sense to keep them stored safe and secure in an Ottawa storage facility. Also, if you are doing renovations on your home it can make a lot of sense to move your precious and delicate items into a storage unit during the renovations so that they don’t become damaged during the work.

Since Just Right Self Storage is centrally located in Ottawa it is very convenient to store your belongings which is why we suggest it is like a second closet. You can easily put items in your storage unit and just as easily access them whenever you need them. Storing your belongings with Just Right Self Storage is like putting in a new walk-in closet addition on your home, condo or apartment in Ottawa because you have everything you need right near you while freeing up space in your home.