Packing Your Summer Clothes Away

Summer is slipping away! *big sigh*
No one wants to say goodbye to summer, nor to their very fashionable summer clothing, but those sundresses, beach trunks and bikinis definitely won’t keep your butt from freezing for the next several months. That’s why you need to get all that warm clothing out and pack all that summer clothing away.

Actually, you can even take the time to sort out your summer wardrobe before you pack it away too. We’ll show you how to do all of this stuff when you read this article.

• For every piece of clothing you look at, think about the last time you wore it. If you can’t remember or if you remember that you wore it decades ago, then it’s probably time to toss it. Give it to a charity or to a friend.

• When you pick up a piece of clothing, see if you can actually wear it during the winter, along with some other pieces of clothing, before you store it away.

• Make sure that your clothes are clean from stains, dirt, mold and other things before you store it. Also check to see if it has any tears or holes too. You should try to ensure that you launder your clothes before you store them away for the winter, because this can prevent molding and deter moths from them.

• Check out a dry cleaner or a storage facility for seasonal clothing storage. You can also use plastic storage bins or luggage to put your clothes in – if you can, “line them with acid-free tissue paper”. Try not to store them in cardboard boxes because they can easily be accessed by pests.

• Pay attention to the material and quality of the clothing you want to store. Some clothes can acquire permanent creases when they are folded for a while, so the best option would be to hand such items up. For the clothes you do fold, ensure that you fold them lightly and pack them loosely, so that they don’t crease.

• Figure out the best area to place the storage bins and luggage with your summer clothes. Try to avoid storing them in the attic or in the basement because that makes it more likely for them to mildew. Use cedar chips, lavender or rosemary in your storage containers to keep them insect-free and smelling fresh and clean.

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