Preparing Your Self-Storage Unit For Long-Term Storage

If you’ve got plans to store items in your self-storage unit for the long haul, then there are a number of things you should know in relation to the preparation of your storage unit and your items. That’s a great option for you if you need to leave your belongings in a safe place for long terms, like for the duration of your studies, or for military deployment. Here are a number of tips you can use…


–          Get sturdy boxes or containers to use in your long term storage.

–          Do not pack your belongings in plastic bags, or else they will cause moisture to accumulate inside of the bag.

–          Use newsprint or bubble wrap to carefully wrap your fragile items in. Also, use fillers to fill up the box up, to cushion the items you store in them.

–          Ensure that the boxes/containers holding the objects you are storing away are labeled. Also, keep an inventory list and make a copy of it inside the unit.

–          Always make sure that you clean your belongings carefully and completely before you move and store them. If you want to make your cleaning mixture extra clean, you can add some bleach or baking soda to the mix.

–          Open your appliance doors a bit when you’re storing them.

–          Use a canvas tarp or a sheet to cover the floor or you may also place items above the ground on pellets or shelving units. That way, you can allow airflow throughout the storage unit, around the items you have stored in there.

–          If you’re storing any furniture away, you need to vacuum them with a brush, so that you can get rid of any excess dirt and then add furniture polish so that you can seal the wood.

–          Make sure that you don’t use any dark colored sheets to cover your upholstery on furniture, because they could bleed color onto the stored items. Instead, use 100% cotton white sheets to do that.


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