Quick & Easy Ways To Organize Your Bookshelf

For all you book-lovers who are also lovers of order and organization, we’ve got a treat for you! Have you ever become a little distraught over the condition of your bookshelf? We’re talking about the order of it. Has it gotten a tad bit messy or disorganized by the struggles of daily living?
You come home every evening and put yourself to sleep at nights by reading a book. Then, if you have time in the morning, you read another book. Uh-oh! You’re almost half an hour late! You toss that book onto the couch, and speed out the door. That’s how it starts…and a messy, disorganized bookshelf is how it ends, but you can change that by following these guidelines for organizing your bookshelf.

• Try alphabetical order: It’s usually what your bookstore does too. Organize books by the first or last names of their authors or by their book title.

• Try color coding: Make your bookshelf a rainbow. Group your books according to their colors.

• Try using the publisher: Group all books with the same publishing houses in the same area.

• Try grouping by content: Put all the books that are alike in the same group. So, if the book is about romance, put it together with all the romance novels. Do the same for horror, fantasy, science fiction and so on.

• Try using emotional response: Group your books based on the emotions the draw out when you read them. Put all your motivating books together, all your sad books together and so forth.

• Try spine poetry: this is simply aligning all the books in your shelf in a way that tells a story or looks very creative.

• Try the element of surprise: Hide the book spines instead, so that you don’t see their titles and every time you pull out a book, you’ll be surprised.

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