Safety First When Moving into Your Ottawa Storage Unit

So the big day is coming up where you are moving to a new apartment, a new home or back home for the end of the semester. This means you will be taking advantage of your Ottawa storage unit and moving some essential but not immediately needed items into the storage facility. When it comes to the smaller boxes and moving boxes you should have no problem aside from the fact that you will want to stack them up on a trolley so that they are easier to move. However your heavier, bigger moving boxes or your furniture is a different story and will require a little more care when moving to make sure you don’t hurt your back.

The one major advantage of renting a storage locker with Just Right Self Storage is that we have a central drive-thru lane in the middle of our Ottawa storage facility which will save you a lot of steps when you move items in and out of your storage unit. Even with this added convenience, you are going to want to take some precautions to make sure that your move is smooth and pain free.

Get yourself a reacher tool to help reach items that are high up and definitely rent a forearm forklift so that you can easily move heavy items with little effort. The forearm forklift allows you to move items that would be almost impossible to move on your own or with little help. This amazing tool can help save your back from suffering an injury that could last for months. A small investment will make your move faster and a lot easier when moving into your storage unit.

Other items such as dollies can help a lot too and we have those on site in our storage facility to help make your move fast and easy. Of course it likely goes without saying that you should practice proper lifting techniques such as bending at the knees and not leaning over while picking up heavy items. With a back brace you will be a lot more rigid and protect your back from strain when picking up these heavier items.

Another good tip is to not overload your moving boxes. We have affordable moving boxes in our moving supplies centre right near our front desk so you can pick up as many moving boxes as you need in a variety of sizes. Overloading boxes makes them heavier and also increases the chance of your moving box exploding and then you have a bigger mess to clean up to move your items. Pick up as many moving boxes as you need but it can’t hurt to grab a few extras to make sure that you have enough for your items when moving into your storage unit.

With a little bit of preparation and the right supplies your move into our Ottawa storage facility will be very easy and our central drive-thru lane will provide you with easy access to your storage unit no matter where you are located in our storage location.

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