Self Storage for Airbnb Property Renters

There is no doubt that the short term property rental market is booming and many home owners in Ottawa are taking advantage of the demand for short term home rentals in Ottawa to make some extra income – and in some cases even an entire income! With the surge of short term rental properties coming into the marketplace, you may have been considering renting out your home if you are going on an extended vacation or if you have an extra room or rooms that could be turned into income-generating spaces rather than storage in your home.

Once you make the decision to rent your home out, you will have to consider what to do with your possessions. Of course many items such as couches etc. will likely stay as part of the short term furnished property appeal, however your more intimate items such as clothing, photos, and even computers etc. need to find a safe and secure home.

This is where storage units in Ottawa are very handy. You can move all of your valuable and irreplaceable items into a self storage unit downtown. The storage facility we have ready for you is centrally located so you can access your items anytime which is helpful and the climate controlled storage units we have will protect your belongings while we store your goods.

In addition to your personal belongings, you may consider storing additional items for your renters such as extra sheets, plates, cutlery and even furniture. This way you can tailor your home for each visitor if needed. Larger groups? No problem, grab a few extra chairs or sheets etc. and bring them to your home prior to the renter stepping foot in your dwelling. This way you can create a more clutter-free zone for most renters and only bring out items when they are needed.

A storage unit in Ottawa can help solve one of the biggest hurdles many home owners face when considering to rent their entire home or even just a room. You have things in there that you don’t want to discard but you also don’t want to leave in the home at the same time. This is where an affordable storage locker in Ottawa can become a very valuable asset for your new business venture.

Plus you may find that you have a particular niche such as having certain items that can be made available such as Foosball tables etc. that you may not want to keep in your place all the time but you can have these available on demand or for an extra fee even to make some extra income from your side income!

If you are considering turning your home or part of your home into a short term rental property on sites like AirBnB then you should definitely look into an Ottawa storage unit rental to make your rental process easy and headache free while keeping your personal items safe and secure under lock and key (literally).

Congrats on your decision to start renting your home out on Airbnb and we’ll be here to answer any questions you have regarding our self storage facility in Ottawa.