Self-Storage Myths You Should Ignore

Self-storage is pretty popular for many people, but for others, they aren’t something that interests them at all. This lack of interest may be due to various things such as the myths about self-storage, that many people have held onto and spread.
We’re going to show you some of the common myths you should never pay attention to, when it relates to using self-storage for your various storage, moving and organizing needs. Here they are…

• “Using self-storage is too costly”: That’s one of the myths that is very popular. This is all dependent on the things that you need for your self-storage unit. Do you need it to be very large? Climate controlled? Things like that can increase the price, but usually the average price for renting a unit is pretty affordable.

• “People who are pack rats/hoarders are who need the self-storage units”: Now that’s a flat-out lie. Although it can cause people to hold on to a few things that they should probably get rid of, it doesn’t solely serve people who have a tendency to clutter. All sorts of people, like college-students, business professionals, military personnel, etc.

• “When you need your things, you won’t be able to get them”: Many people think that they won’t be able to get their stuff at a moment’s notice, but that isn’t necessarily true. Of course, there may be dependent on the business hours of the storage facility you are using, but other than that there is no waiting process or application or anything else that should lengthen or hinder your access to the unit.

• “Self-storage facilities aren’t a safe place to store your items”: That’s definitely untrue, because of the security measures that the facilities have in place to keep your property safe. Some facilities have video surveillance, security personnel, door alarms and many allow you to provide your own lock.

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