Self-Storage Tips For Protecting Your Furniture

The quality of your self-storage is one of the key things you need to pay attention to as it relates to protecting your furniture. Storing your furniture away safely is the best way to protect your furniture from the ills of the environment, like condensation, mold, odors and more. We’re going to show you how you can protect your furniture with the following techniques.


  • Don’t cover your furniture in plastic sheeting, besides with the plastic slipcovers that are designed for mattresses and sofas. Instead, cover your furniture in blankets and sheets.
  • You should dismantle all your furniture or place it into its original position so that you won’t risk any structural tension. Never store your sofa by stacking it on its side or on its end, so that you won’t damage you.
  • Use bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard to protect both sides of your mirrors or glass. Ensure that you mark it as fragile, by either labelling it like that or by using tape to mark it with a big “X”. Always store these objects on their side, instead of flat.
  • Use cardboard corner-protectors or bubble wrap to pad the corners of your furniture when storing them away.
  • Add some padding between pieces of furniture (such as mattress) to allow airflow and to protect them as well.
  • Never pack your furniture too tightly. Ensure that you leave some space between the furniture and the walls.
  • Ensure that you have your furniture insured before you put them in to self-storage.


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