Some Great Ideas For Organizing Your Closet

If you’re someone who tends to have problems with keeping the clothes in your closet organized and tidy, then you must be just like a ton of other folks. Lots of people have messy closets, and lots of those people would be very grateful for some tips for organizing your clothes and other items in your closet. We’re here to offer you those valuable tips – just read them below:


  • Create zones for your closets. Instead of using a single, long rod, use three short rods instead. On the highest rod, you can hang the longer clothing, the lowest rod would be used to hang the shortest clothes and you can hang the medium-length clothes on your middle rod.


  • Try grouping your clothes according to the color.


  • Create space to store your shoes by stacking cubbies across the closet floor.


  • Line your shelves with vinyl matting and make sure that they’re adjustable.


  • Make sure that your clothes are clean before you store them away for the season. Certain things like stains and dirt can set and even spread over time, ruining your clothing.


  • Use fabric bags instead of dry-cleaning bags, because they tend to trap moisture. Always remember that you should never store wool or silk in airtight containers, or else they won’t be able to breathe.


  • Use acid-free tissue to line your very light garments.


  • Keep your closet temperature below 75 degrees, so that the fibers in your clothes won’t dry out.


  • Hang mothballs in hosiery or old socks to keep moths away, but ensure that they do not get into contact with your clothing.


  • Stuff the arms of heavy coats with acid-free tissue, before you store them away.


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