Some Great Tips For Helping You Store Your Beauty Products

You may be one who’s into your beauty products and your beauty regimen, buying a lot of products, but having no real proper options for effectively storing them. We’re going to show you some of the great solutions available to help you with your beauty products. 

  • Try using clear acrylic drawers to help you easily scan through them so that you can get the items you’re looking for.
  • Use drawer dividers to help you organize your makeup drawers and to help you group your items. Group lipsticks together, eyeshadows together, brushes together and more.
  • Consider this creative metal sheet solution – stick it up on the wall and then stick magnets onto the back of your products so that you can attach them to your metal sheet.
  • Cover an empty shoe box in attractive paper and fill it up with your favorite nail polishes.
  • Use a small vase, fill it with colorful marbles and stick your brushes inside it.
  • Get PVC pipes and attach them to the inside of cabinets. You can use them as holsters for cords and barrels.
  • Use vintage suitcases to store your heavier, larger and less delicate beauty items.
  • Make use of the space in your cabinet. You can stick acrylic holders to the insides of your cabinet doors and use them to hold your products.
  • Use a straw dispenser to store your makeup brushes in, so you can keep them lint-free.
  • Try hanging makeup bags or plastic shoe storage sheets. Simply unroll them, hang them up and stick your makeup and other beauty product in them, when you need them for clutter-control.


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