Some Great Tips For Using Self-Storage Units

If it’s your first time using self-storage units for your storage and organizing needs, you may be glad to get a little help or a few tips that can assist you with effectively using the unit. There are some things you probably should do as it relates to storage and safety of your self-storage unit and more importantly, your property.
We’re going to show you some of the helpful tips that can really make your storage and organization endeavors a success! Check them out – they’re listed below.

• Make sure that you never store your items on the storage unit floor. Why? There are many reasons, including the possibility that they may get wet. You never know if there may be a plumbing issue that causes flooding or even a melting snow that leaks into the unit. Place your items on pallets so that they don’t touch the floor.

• Always try to wrap the items that you can in industrial plastic wrap so they don’t collect dust or get invaded by insects or animals.

• Get a small hefty padlock that can face the weather, to lock your storage unit up tight.

• Label everything that’s in your storage unit, so that you can easily remember everything that you’ve put in it, more quickly and easily.

• Humidity doesn’t quite agree with every item that you have stored away in your unit. That’s why you need to ensure that you insulate when necessary, wrap when necessary, etc.

• Use cat litter or sand to help you unload of access your items safely when there are large ice slicks formed outside the storage unit door because of the winter.

• Be very careful how you operate in and around your storage unit, because it’s rented and you may be fined for altering or damaging it.

• Store your stuff as wisely as possible (pretend it’s a huge puzzle), so that you can make the best of the space you have inside it.

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