Some Items You Should Remove From Your Self-Storage Unit

You should always keep in mind that no matter how long you keep items in a self-storage unit, the main aim of the unit is to serve as a temporary location to store your items. You may be able to keep some items in the unit for much longer than others. Then, there are other items that you should totally reconsider storing in there. We’ll give you some pointers on the things that should be removed from your self-storage unit.


  • You should remove collectibles in your self-storage unit if you are pretty likely to forget them there. Go value it and then you can decide if they’re worth keeping, selling or if they should be given away or sold.


  • You should remove gadgets from your self-storage units, especially if they are of no value. Things like old cell phones, outdated computers and more, may just be simply consuming space in your unit.


  • You should remove family memorabilia that is just causing clutter. As humans, we tend to get emotionally attached to a number of things that we don’t really need. Take a careful look through your bulk of memorabilia and decide what you’re going to keep, what you’re going to throw away and what you’re going to give to your family members.


  • You should remove clothes that doesn’t fit or that you don’t have any real use for. If you haven’t worn that t-shirt in two years, you probably won’t be using it anytime in the future either. It’s done, so give it away while it’s still in good shape, or throw it away so that it doesn’t use up unnecessary storage space.


  • You should remove your children’s toys, unless they’re antiques that you want to pass on to the next generation to come. The cheaper, plastic toys that you buy for your child should be washed clean and then given away or sold, especially if your child has outgrown it and lost interest in it.


  • You should remove furniture from your unit if it isn’t an antique or a collectible item. You’ll be using up unnecessary space, especially if your furniture is broken or no longer fit for use. Get it repaired or throw it away and save that storage space.


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