Spring Cleaning & Storage in Ottawa

With spring in the air, soon most people will be thinking about cleaning out if they haven’t started already. A self-storage unit would be the ideal spot for you to move some of those things into. Here are some tips to guide you:


Plan for storage: Everything you have won’t be for making donations or throwing away. You may have some valuable items that you want to keep around but they’re taking up too much space. A self-storage unit is the answer and all you have to do is take the first step which is to make the decision to use one and start planning.


Get organized: Create a list so you can prioritize and focus on the most important things first. Get together all the things you will need like boxes, trash bags, clean supplies etc.


Lighten up: Dark fabrics and decoration should all be packed away. Keep the lighter colors around to brighten up the place and give that spring feeling.


Get rid of the clutter:

If everything is just scattered and piled up everywhere it’s actually hard to clean. Make it simple and put things away or throw them away.


Pack similar items: Label and box similar items together to make the process easier when it’s time to get them out of storage. Include the type of items and room they came from on labels.


Enlist help: Everyone can help out with the whole process even kids, whether it’s to sweep, mop, dust out etc. Have family members go through their own things and decide what stays and what goes to make it easier.


Actually take items to storage:

Some people just clean out and relocate pile from one area to another, don’t let this be you. Get a truck to pack everything and take to the facility if they do not provide one for you.