Steps For Pet Supply Storage

Unless you can train your pet to clean up after themselves and to keep their stuff all nice and tidy, you’ll have to do it for them. You don’t want to have Lassie’s stuff all over the place. That can be a hazard and a really bad look for your home. Here’s how you can organize your pet’s stuff in just a few hours. Read on to see…
• Gather all their stuff and clean them up. Take all their toys, bowls, grooming tools or whatever and give them a thorough clean up.

• Sort their stuff out as well. Group them into categories like these: foods, medicine, chew toys, plush toys, leashes/collars, perishable chews/treats and pet beds/blankets.

• Remember to keep food and medicines far from each other in order to prevent the likelihood of cross-contamination or accidental medication.

• Get rid of the items that your pets don’t use, by either throwing them away or donating them.

• Place your pet’s stuff in things like cardboard boxes, plastic storage containers, organizing towers or more.

• Label all your storage items to help make it easier for you to identify what items are where.

• Designate permanent areas around the house to place these storage items, so that you can easily locate them when you are ready to retrieve them for your pet’s use.

• Try to store your pet’s litter boxes or blood bowls in one specific area of your home, like an enclosed porch.

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