Storage Solutions For Your Children’s Toys At Home

If you have small children, you’d probably know about the enjoyably adorable faces and sounds that they make every day. You’d also probably know about the hideous messes that they leave in every area of your home. Toys all over the floor; building blocks in every crevice and corner; teddy bears going for a joyride on the ceiling fan and even a choo-choo train in the washing machine.
It’s time to clean it up and store it all away! How? Easy. All you have to do is gather all their toys (and other things they play with), in some of these easy-to-make toy storage ideas and you’ll see the difference. Check them out.

• You can use a fruit crate for storage of their books and toys in their bedroom. All you need is the crate, casters, spray paint and spare wood.

• You can use a wine crate for storage of their toys in their bedroom. These are easy to push around and they are easy to personalize as well.

• You can use a window seat for their bedroom storage as well. It is a great comfortable spot for children to sit and play with their toys or read their books and they can keep them there as well. They’re in a safe, easy-to-reach place.

• You can use a bunk bed with storage cabinets for storing their toys as well. You can turn their bedroom wall into a storage unit, by simply using ready-made cabinets and basic lumber.

• You can use a storage ottoman for living room toy storage. All you have to do is add some fancy touches on a basic wooden toy box, by adding an upholstered plywood top, tacks and strips of wood.

• You can use a revamped dresser for the living room as well, by using open shelving to store toys, color and unanticipated hardware as well.

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