Storage Space Calculator – Choosing the Right Storage Unit in Ottawa

Choosing the right size of storage unit is important. You don’t want to rent a storage locker that can fit a 5 bedroom house worth of goods if you only have a small apartment size of items to store and on the flip side you don’t want to rent a storage unit that is too small if you actually need a much larger unit. There are efficient and clever ways to maximize your storage unit space that we have discussed over the last few weeks and if after you maximize your space you still have some extra goods then calculating the right storage locker size with these tips can help get you in the right size storage unit for your belongings.

It will help if you make a list of everything you need to store in your unit and estimate the total number of boxes you will need. Then you will be able to assess the total size of everything that you have to store or you can get very precise and measure each box to calculate the overall volume of your goods.

5×5, 5×10 and 5×15 Storage Units

A 5×5 storage unit is similar to a small closet and is perfect for storing a few smaller items or your band’s music equipment when not in use for example. This would be an entry level storage unit to hold a few items that you don’t need to access daily but would like to keep safe and secure with 24/7 access when needed. The 5×10 and 5×15 storage units are similar to a medium and large walk-in closets and can fit the contents of a single bedroom such as your TV, queen size mattress, your dresser and several small size boxes.

10×10 and 10×15 Storage Units

These storage units are similar to a car garage. The 10×10 would be half of a standard garage and the 10×15 would be slightly smaller than the size of a single car garage. These units are perfect for storing a lot of goods. The 10×10 storage unit is perfect for storing two full bedrooms worth of things and the 10×15 storage unit is great for storing up to three full bedrooms. If you are moving or relocating out of the country for a while and want to store the contents of your home so that you can rent out your place or sublet your large apartment then this can be a great option for storing your entire 2 to 3 bedrooms worth of belongings.

10×20, 10×25 and 10×30 Storage Units

These larger storage units are the size of a standard single car garage and larger. The 10×20 is a standard car garage and is can fit the entire contents of a house with multiple rooms as well as several large, oversized items such as mattresses/beds, hutches and other big furniture items. If you are looking to store the entire contents of a home, appliances such as refrigerators etc. then these larger storage units are perfect for you.

Hopefully these storage calculator tips will help you in choosing the right size storage unit for your storage rental. If you would like us to help you find the right storage unit then give us a call. We have storage experts ready to serve you and help you choose the perfect storage unit for your goods. Remember, when calculating your storage space that you need you don’t have to do it alone. We are available to help you make the right choice.