Storage Tips You’ll Love

Everyone needs some tips they can use to help them with their storage. We want to offer you some of those tips – use them and see if they make your storage process easy, effective and incident-free. Here they are:
• Don’t rent more space than you need in a self-storage unit.

• Get all your packaging material, like you’re your boxes, plastic storage containers, tape, markets, bubble wrap, etc.

• Try to get uniform size boxes to make storing them easier.

• Keep an inventory of your stuff and safely store it away in a place where it can’t be lost or accessed by the wrong people.

• Place a protective covering on the floor of your storage unit before you put your items in.

• Get 2×4 boards or pallets to place your items on. This will help to prevent your items from exposure to dampness.

• Make a plan about the way you’re going to store your items – try to place the items that you need the most, at the front of the unit.

• Never store anything combustible in the unit. That includes things like gasoline, solvents, paint thinner, paint and more.

• Make a pathway through the middle of the storage unit to make it easier for you to access when you need to get to something.

• Put the heavier stuff on the bottom and the lighter, more fragile items at the top, when packing.

• Ensure that your boxes that you want to store things in can hold at least 25 to 30 lbs and if they can, don’t overfill them.

• Take a marker and write the content of the boxes on each side.

• Wrap dishes and glass items in paper and pack them in strong boxes. Stack those boxes at the top of the pile.

• Mark “FRAGILE” on the boxes that have things like mirrors and pictures in them. Ensure that you wrap the items in cardboard to keep them safe and stack the boxes that they are packed in, on end.

• If you are also storing furniture away, use the ones with draws as places that you can store small items, pictures, silverware and other such things. Remember to wrap that delicate stuff in blankets or towels to keep them cushioned and intact.

• If you are storing large appliances, you can also store your blankets, towels, tablecloths, etc. in their hollow parts.

• Put your electronics like the television, radio, etc. to the back of the unit.

• Store your gardening gear and tools in empty trash cans.

• If you have tables and chairs with removable legs, break them down before you pack them away, to save yourself some space in the unit.

• Store your love seats and sofas on end and wrap the cushions in plastic and put them on the sofas.

• Do not place heavy or sharp object on upholstered furniture – they will damage it.

• Get blankets or cardboard to cover stuffed furniture to protect it from dust.

• Prop up your mattresses if you plan to store them standing on their side. You don’t want them to get lumpy or lose their shape.

• Use machine oil to wipe any items made of metal, so that they don’t rust while in storage.

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