Store and Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture (The Proper Way)

It’s summer! You’re busy doing the things you love – enjoying the outdoors, taking in nature, just enjoying yourself. We totally agree with you because you won’t have those luxuries when winter comes gushing in. We know that of course, you’ll enjoy your winter fun, but you’re going to be looking forward to the next summer as soon as the cold blows over. You want to keep all your summer gear at its best, so it’ll be good as new to use the next time.
We’re talking about your outdoor furniture in particular. That’s why in this article, we give you tips on proper storage for your summer (outdoor) furniture. Here goes.

Keep them dry, clean and protected at all times. Yes, they can endure some weathering, but things like too much sunlight can be damaging to them. If they get wet from the rain and they aren’t dried properly or immediately, they can grow mold and mildew.

• Let wet furniture dry off in the sun.
• Shake or dust them to get dust and pollen out of them.
• Remove stains and soils with (an enzymatic) stain remover.
• Remove leaves, twigs and other organic material off the furniture.
• Spray with garden hose and scrub with brush to clean.

Always clean and make the necessary repairs to your furniture before you decide to store it away. During the winter, you should make sure your outdoor furniture is covered and placed in a dry, non-humid storage area, like under a tarp, in a shed or in a self storage unit. If you decide to use a tarp, tie it properly, to prevent it from getting blown away, but make sure you leave just enough space at the bottom to make sure air can circulate inside it.