Store These Things In Your Drawer At Work

There are things that every person should remember to store in their desk at work. Storage tips aren’t only for the home – they can be quite the tool to help make your life better for you every day at work. You spend half of your life at work anyway, so why not keep the things you’ll need right in arms reach anyway? Here are the things we’re talking about:
• Deodorant/Antiperspirant: This is definitely a necessity for people who were in a rush for work and forgot to put it on or for people who sweat a lot more during work or in stressful periods.

• Eye drops: You can’t do anything for those dry, irritated eyes if you leave your saline drops at home.

• Safety pins/Needle and thread: You never know when your button’s going to pop out, when you’re going to accidentally tear your shirt or when your hem is going to come undone. Safety pins or a needle and thread can really come in handy.

• Lint roller: Keeping a small one in your draw is a great way to make sure you’re spick and span when you need to speak in a meeting or you have to go to an outing after work.

• Sanitary napkins/tampons: It’s a sensitive item, so you can keep it concealed in the corner of your desk drawer (although we would like to think that no one would invade such privacy). You never know when you’ll need an extra one or when someone else will.

• Antibacterial wipes: They can help you disinfect your hands and whatever your hands have to touch.

• First-aid supplies: This includes pain killers and over the counter medication. A first-aid kit can really help out when you’re having an office situation – from paper cuts to blisters, and more.

• Mints: Keep your mints ready to pop into your mouth, after you’ve eaten or maybe just before you have to interact with a client or so.

• Touch-up stuff: These are things that you keep in your desk to help you freshen up – it can be makeup or even a little perfume.

• Grooming stuff: Things like your toothbrush, nail cutter/nail file and lotion are included. They can help you maintain your neatly groomed look during the day.

• Spare keys: These are for emergencies. Keep them unlabeled for security reasons, but ensure they are there.

• Plastic utensils: You never know when you’re going to bring lunch and forget your fork or spoon, so keep some there just in case.

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