Store your kids toys and free up space with storage in your home

Do you have children? Are their toys taking over your home? Try getting them organized using these suggestions.

Involved the kids

If you’re going to plan a toy storage system for your home, the first thing you should do is let your kids know. Together, you can both determine how things should be stored, when and where items are used most frequently etc. By including them in the process, they will feel more inclined to keep the system that they helped to create.

Think Creatively

There are many attractive options available to make toy storage look good, doesn’t have to be baskets stacked alongside each other or a stuffed barrel.

  • For younger children, you may want to take a photo of the toy and place that photo on the outside of the box so it’s easy to know at a glance what belongs in the box.
  • If your child usually plays with his/her toys in a family common area, choose storage boxes made from natural materials like bamboo, that you can quickly and attractively display on a shelf even if guests drop by.
  • Use different colored containers to organize different types of toys. Label containers if they are not see-through so your child can immediately identify what’s inside, and where toys should be placed when they are finished playing with them.
  • If you’re pressed for space in a child’s playroom, think of over door pockets for small stuffed animals and other small items. Closing a closet door can quickly conceal the pockets.

Designate an area

Regardless of what organization solutions you come up with, make sure that your child understands where the toys should be kept at all times. Help them to understand that this is their own space, where their things belong. Creating this sense of ownership will encourage them to stick to the storage plan.

Use all available space

Sometimes toys feel like their consuming every inch of our home and like there’s just not enough space. However, don’t forget about those often-overlooked areas under the bed and over the doors. Maximize all of your vertical space, look for shelving solutions that can go floor to ceiling and store things your child doesn’t need to access regularly on the upper shelves. Choose boxes that stack securely on top of one another to save the most space.

Create fun routine

If you’re wondering how you’re going to get your child to stick to this new system, the best way is to make it fun. Maybe you can create a fun game or offer a small reward once everything is packed away. One things for sure, by helping reinforce the importance of putting toys away, you’ll help create a healthy routine for your child.