Store Your Wooden Furniture Away Properly!

Are you moving? Are you renovating? Are you downsizing? Are you redecorating?
Whatever it is that you’re doing, you know that you’ll have to get some stuff out of the way of your project and into a safe haven in the meantime. You need to be especially cautious when storing your furniture away. Wood furniture is actually quite delicate, because it’s prone to scratches, cracks or mold. It doesn’t matter the make or type of wooden furniture, because you still need to be extremely gentle. That’s why you should…

1. Treat it before you store it: That way, you’ll prevent it from drying out and getting cracked. Use wood polish, so that tit gets moisture before it goes into storage.

2. Control the climate: You don’t want the wood to expand and contract because of changing temperatures. So keep your temperature relatively stable so that your wooden furniture will not change color or weaken. Also prevent humidity in order to prevent mold and mildew growth.

3. Be careful at home: If you don’t want a climate-controlled storage unit, then keep the climate controlled at your home with a humidifier, dehumidifier or a humidistat.

4. Disassemble it: Take it apart if you can and store each piece separately, in order to keep it well-protected and to save space.

5. Ensure that there’s sufficient space: Don’t stack things on top each other or jam them up together either. This way you can keep them from getting scratched or damaged.

6. Cover it up: Doing this can help your wooden furniture to stay scratch or damage free. Remember not to cover with plastic, because this may create condensation and cause swelling of the wood.

7. Lift it: make sure that you set your wooden furniture on some sort of platform, like blocks or planks. It’ll help your furniture safe in case of a flooded storage unit.

We hope you use these tips when you’re ready to store your wooden furniture away. We’ve got what you are looking for concerning self-storage in Ottawa. We’re the number one source for storage in Ottawa and Gatineau. Give us a call so we can discuss your storage locker options at Just Right Self Storage. We’re conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core and only minutes away from Gatineau.