Storing Away Your Christmas Decorations

You would be surprised at how quickly time flies when it’s Christmas. Maybe it’s all the fun you have around that time or maybe it’s because you’re too busy eating all that food on the dining table all day. No matter what it really is, you can see that almost as soon as you put up your Christmas tree up, you have to take it down.
That’s why you should know what to do with your decorations when it’s time to pack them away. You want to be able to use them again for a lot more Christmas seasons to come. We’ll show you:

• Get plastic boxes or bags to put your artificial trees, wreaths and other such ornaments in. You can put these in the attic or in the garage.

• Store candles, handmade ornaments or other delicate/valuable items in a room that’s climate controlled.

• Keep ornaments made with natural materials, like paper or dried food crafts, in airtight containers. This will keep pests away. Also, items made from natural fibers can be prevented from yellowing by storing them in archival storage boxes.

• Categorize and label your clear storage containers so that you can easily identify what’s in them. You can even take a photo of the way the contents are arranged in the containers, so you can do the same thing after the next Christmas season.

• For delicate ornaments and items, use dividers to stop them from moving and breaking. You can even bubble wrap them for extra protection.

• Wrap lights and garland around spools, to keep them from tangling up.

• Put your wrapping paper, ribbons and other gift wrapping materials in a closet or underneath a bed, so that it is protected from the elements and from dust.

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