Storing Your Food (The Right Way)

There are so many reasons why you would want to store food away. Maybe you’re preparing or an emergency, or maybe you just like knowing that you’ve got food there in the house for when you need it. No matter the reason, we can help you store your food properly, ensuring that it doesn’t go to waste or cost you extra money.
Read and follow these 7 steps that will help you do that.

Step 1 (Store Your Grains In Containers): Grains stay fresher and last longer when they are removed from the original plastic bags they were stored in and placed in airtight containers. They may become rancid if you don’t. Also, remember to place items which have earlier expiration dates to the front of your pantry.

Step 2 (Make Sure Your Storage Area Is Organized): Label, label, label! It’s really important to know exactly what you’re storing and when you stored it. Keep similar items together too, to avoid the disorganization.

Step 3 (Take the Temperature): Certain temperatures are unsuitable for certain items. For instance, if items like spices are stored at a temperature that’s too hot, they could spoil or lose their savor. It is recommended that items be stored in a pantry that’s between 72 to 85 degrees, in order to keep them good until the expiry date.

Step 4 (Freeze Them Properly): Freeze food that’s close to expiry immediately. If it’s meat, wrap it well before you label it and put it in the freezer. Blanch some of the vegetables you want to store in order for them to retain their color.

Step 5 (Care For Your Fresh Produce): Since you don’t want to have a huge amount of ripe fruits that may just sit around and spoil, it’s best to select some fruit that will take different time periods to ripen.

Step 6 (Know Your Cans): Most canned foods can last for a very long time. Some can last for a year or more (acid- or vinegar-based foods), while some can last for up to five years (not acid- or vinegar-based foods). Check the cans before you open them. If you push the lid down and it pops back up, it’s no good. If you initially look at the lid and it looks expanded or popped up, it’s no good either.

Step 7 (Check On Your Goods): Don’t just store away items and forget all about them. Take the time to check up on your items and analyze them. Check expiry dates, try to use items that have nearer expiry dates and throw out items that are no longer good, etc.

There you have it – seven easy, simple steps to store your food items and keep them in optimum condition. We’ve got what you are looking for concerning self-storage in Ottawa. We’re the number one source for storage in Ottawa and Gatineau. Give us a call so we can discuss your storage locker options at Just Right Self Storage. We’re conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core and only minutes away from Gatineau.