Storing Your Furniture Properly

Taking care of your beautiful furniture is something you need to pay careful attention to when you’re ready to store them away. Yes, we know it may be a bit of a tedious task, but you can do it, especially with these tips from us. You must understand these things and follow these instructions in order to maintain the good condition of your furniture. Read them below:

• Make all the repairs that you need to make before you start to store your stuff. Ensure that your storage area is clean, has no dust or leaks (which can cause serious mold damage to your furniture).

• Line the storage room’s floor with thick plastic sheets to help to protect the floor and the furniture and to help make moving/sliding the furniture much easier.

• Some of your furniture can be disassembled, so break it down into smaller pieces. Secure all small items like nuts, bolts, screws, locks and keys into a Ziploc bag or container and tape it to the furniture.

• Take the very important pieces of furniture that you have and pad it up with soft materials to keep them protected from damage.

• When you’re stacking your items up in your storage area, make sure that you stack them based on size and height. Try not to balance them on top of each other, so that they don’t risk falling, breaking and damaging other pieces of furniture too. Put heavier, bigger pieces at the bottom and smaller ones at the top, but don’t stack them up too high.

• If you choose to store appliances to, make sure you put them away in their original boxes. For items with glass or mirror surfaces, they should be labeled “FRAGILE” or something of the sort, to signify that they should be handled with extra care.

• Put the larger items at the back of the storage are, and the smaller and more fragile items more the front. It will save you space ant it will ensure that you will have an easier time looking through your things when you need to retrieve something.

• Ensure that the storage area you chose has proper security, so that unauthorized personnel cannot access your property. You won’t have to worry yourself about that when you’re storing your stuff with us.

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