Storing Your Handbags Properly

As a woman, or maybe a man who’s fed up of seeing your woman’s handbags sitting in different spots of the house, have no fear, handbag storage tips are here. You need to ensure that the handbags stay well-organized and well-protected. Here are some tips that you’ll love, that can help you to do just that.
• First, you have to make a plan. You need to decide where exactly you’ll be able to store your handbags.

• A good idea is to store the bags that you use very often, in a place that’s easy to access. You can store the others that may be used for things like special occasions, in storage boxes and out of the way.

• Remember to protect your bags by stuffing them with acid-free tissue paper so that they don’t lose their shape.

• Store bags that are made of leather or natural fibers in areas that are climate-controlled.

• You can even store your bags in pillowcases to keep them dust-free and clean.

• For clutches, you can consider storing them in a hanging shoe bag or in a stackable shoe rack. That way, you can see them and they’re protected at the same time.

• Shoulder bags with straps can be stores in your closet, either on the shelf, on a closet rod or on hooks fastened to the wall. Don’t keep them hanging on the hook too long though. This may cause some damage to the bag strap. You can also store handbags in storage bins too.

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