Super-Speed Clean Up

So you’ve got a million things to do and cleaning up was at the top of your list at a point in time. That was, until you did half of that stuff on your list first. Don’t worry, we can help. We can give you 10 steps that can help you get your cleaning up done in no time! That way, you can cross that off your to-do list, have the place tidy enough for unexpected visitors to see and keep on moving down the items on your list.
Step 1: Forget about the rooms that potential visitors aren’t likely to see. Forget about those odds and ends and focus on main areas like the bathroom, the living room, the hallways and the kitchen.

Step 2: Walk around the house with a trash bag and pick up all the things that need to be thrown away immediately. That way, your house will revert to its naturally pleasant odor.

Step 3: If there are a lot of dirty dishes, load them into the dishwasher or pack them into the oven. Wipe the countertops and appliances clean then spray them with window cleaner to help them look shiny. Vacuum the kitchen floor and then mop it up (use hot water preferably).

Step 4: Wipe your bathroom surfaces with a microfiber cloth or with paper towel and scrub the toilet. Vacuum the floor and make toilet paper, hand soap and towels available. Scrub the shower if your visitors will be bathing – if not, leave it alone and pull the shower curtains properly.

Step 5: Piles of unfolded laundry? Scoop it up, out it in a clothes basket and hide it in the closet. You can even just toss them into another room that you are sure your visitors won’t have to see.

Step 6: If you’ve got a heap of unopened mail or papers, you can pack them into a piece of luggage and put the suitcase away.

Step 7: Make your bed up (just in case). You don’t want somebody to have to use your room and find a bed that looks like it has survived World War II. Just give your room a quick tidy up after that.

Step 8: If you’ve got newly bought stuff lying around, just pick them up and toss them into another room or in a closet.

Step 9: Empty your cat’s litter box. Put in some fresh litter and put some baking soda on it so it won’t smell.

Step 10: Open your windows! That fresh air can do a whole lot of good to a home. It will get rid of odors and stuffiness and it can bring light and vibrancy to our home. You can even light a candle or spray some air freshener to give it a pleasant smell too.

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