Supplies & Equipment for Self Moving

You can’t depend on your movers to have all the supplies and equipment you need for a successful move. Some things you will have to secure yourself to make the process easier for everyone. When it comes to moving into our storage units we have a moving truck and drive available to help make the move easier. And if you are moving into a new house then we have moving and supplies centre to help with your move.

Load Services

  • Rope & Tie Downs: They’re not always necessary but rope and/or tie downs can help secure your load. If we are unable to utilize all of the available space, and there’s no rope available, it’s a lot more likely that your household goods may move around during transit.
  • Furniture Pads: In order for your furniture to be protected pads/quilts are necessary during a load. Pads can be very affordable and can generally be rented from your truck rental company. If your transportation company does not rent pads or blankets you may want to consider purchasing them somewhere else.
  • Advanced Tools: Movers usually walk equipped with standard tools for assembly and dis-assembly, typically screw drivers and pliers. If you have furniture that requires a special tools have them available for the movers.
  • Shrink Wrap/Plastic Wrap: Also known as “plastic stretch wrap”, it is commonly used to protect cloth furniture that can get dirty easily. If you decide to purchase shrink wrap you should obtain a size no less than 15″ and no more than 20″.
  • Appliance Dolly: An appliance dolly can be rented from your local truck rental location and is specifically used for the movement of large and bulky appliances like refrigerators.
  • Mattress Bags: It’s recommended that you invest in a mattress bag for each mattress and box spring in your home. These bags can usually be obtained from any local self-storage, truck rental or home improvement store.

Packing Services

  • Moving Boxes & Packing Materials: You’re going to need boxes and materials as well. Whether you provide your own materials or have movers provide them, they are not generally included in labor pricing.

Unload Services

  • Floor Runners/Carpet Protection: Caution is needed when unloading items especially if your move is taking place in poor weather conditions like snow or rain. If you do not have any furniture pads or if you prefer to take extra precautions it is recommended you provide floor runners. Floor runners give an additional level of protection to ensure that your floors remain clean.