Take Care Of That Comic Book Collection!

Are you a comic book collection master? Do you have every single comic book episode for those series you love? Are comic books a part of your lifestyle – so much so, that they’ve become precious to you? Well, boy do we have some tips for you!
We’re going to give you several guidelines on the way you should store your comics. Maybe you want to keep them for years to come, or maybe you just want to keep them for a while, until you can get the highest bid on them (we know vintage comic books can be very valuable). Either way, there are things you should do to keep your comics in tip-top shape until you’re ready for them once more.

1. First things first – clean your hands. If you have dirty or oily hands, they can rub off onto your comics. That’s why you need to properly wash and dry your hands before you handle the delicate items.

2. Then you need to support the backs. Just like your spine, the spines of the books are important too. You can even get a proper sized backing board to help keep them upright.

3. Put them in bags, like the Mylar sleeves. These bags in particular, control the amount of air that can get to the book and cause the paper to turn yellow. Some bags may use materials like polypropylene or polyethylene.

4. Add another layer of protection by using archival boxes. Once they’re in bags, you should next put them in acid-free boxes too, especially if you plan to transfer your collection to a self-storage area.

5. Make sure the environment is conducive for storing them. A favorable environment for storing comics would be in a dry area, with a steady temperature that remains around 60 to 70 degrees. That’s why it’s advised that you use a temperature-controlled unit for your self-storage area. Oh, also remember to keep them elevated, to avoid damage from possible flooding too.

6. Check in on your comics to make sure they’re in good condition. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Check as regularly as you can to ensure that your comics don’t begin to get mold, mildew or turn yellow.

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