The Best Ways To Keep Your Clothes Moisture-Free In Self-Storage

If you’ve ever had your clothes stored away for a while, you may realize that when you take them out again, they have a musty odor and they’re moldy or have mildew. That may be due to moisture problems in your storage area. Moisture can cause quite a negative effect on the clothes that you have stored away. We want to show you how to make sure your clothes remain moisture-free while you have them stored away in a storage unit.


  1. Make sure that the area you choose for storage is appropriate for your clothes. A good area would be a climate-controlled storage unit or an indoor closet. A bad area to store your clothes would be in an outdoor closet, the attic or the garage.


  1. Ensure that you carefully inspect the storage area you’re going to be using, by looking for leaks in the walls, floor or ceiling.


  1. Do not store any clothes away if you haven’t washed and dried them, or else they will start developing mildew or a musty smell.


  1. If you have water-repellant spray with properties that ward of bacteria, moth and mildew, mist your garments with it.


  1. Store clothing in an air- and water-tight plastic container with a tight-fitting lid, instead of cardboard boxes or paper bags, to keep moisture away from the clothing.


  1. Use a hygrometer to test the humidity level of the storage area you’re using and make sure your humidity level is at least below 50%.


  1. Put a silica gel pack in the container that you’re going to be storing your clothing in.
  2. Use new briquette every one or two months.


  1. Make sure that charcoal you use is not pre-soaked in lighter fluid and if you’re using charcoal, keep it far away from your garments so they don’t get stained.


  1. If the storage area gets exposed to moisture, then run a fun through the storage area and open a window up to help it dry.


  1. When there is high humidity in the area, you should use a dehumidifier to get rid of the moist air.



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