The First Three Rooms to Unpack When Moving into Your New Home

The moving truck pulls out from the driveway of your new home while you are perched on a stack of boxes, considering your next challenging task of unpacking. Not only does this job require a good amount of effort, it takes a lot of brain work to decide what to unpack first.


Generally, when unpacking and setting up a new house or apartment to make it feel like home, most people organise their bedrooms, kitchens and living areas first.


Why do people choose to unpack the boxes for these rooms first?




During the chaotic moving process, you will need a great deal of energy and an alert mind from a good night’s rest. It would be best to have your bed set up from the minute you start to unpack. Label boxes with bed sheets, and other bedroom items in it as “open first.” At the end of a long day, you can simply hop into bed and be rejuvenated.


To is important when travelling, that you are able to go to bed with ease and get rest. Be sure to unpack your pyjamas, toiletries, and towels help you feel more at home.




You may want to unpack your kitchen utensils first, since you may want access to your dishes, silverware and appliances right away. Moving into a new home is demanding work and it burns a lot of energy, so be sure to have snacks and beverages readily available.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you and your family members will find yourselves in the room quite frequently on moving day. Connect appliances, plug in your coffee maker and microwave, and pull out cutlery, dishes and cookware for basic eating and drinking.


Remember to think about where you place the items you are unpacking. It is better to take you time to consider where things will go, instead of just stuffing dishes and pans randomly into cupboards and drawers and having to rearrange them later.


Living Room


Pictures and other decor make a new space comfortable so hang them while adjusting your furniture. Unpacking the bedroom, kitchen and living room first is a matter of our human necessities and comfort. Nevertheless, if you have children, organise the living room up first for a sense of normality.


Internet access and television will help your family adjust after being relocated. Your living room offers a space to sit, relax and feel “normal” during a move, especially if your TV is up and running so you can connect with the outside world in a new place.


Unpacking Tips


Remember to declutter as you go. Break down boxes and put away or toss packing materials as you unpack. Empty boxes create clutter and hamper your progress.


Unpack one room at a time. Unpack all boxes for a particular room first. That way you can look at everything you must work with and measure how much you have and where they can fit. “At the end, you will not be left with a surprise box of dishes that won’t fit in the kitchen.


For each room, unpack the furniture first. Before you unpack boxes, position furniture and closets or cupboards so they can be functional.


Have a trash can readily availableYou will be generating piles of trash as you unpack your things, so have your trash can out before you begin.


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