The Millennial Mentality: “Less Is More”

Millennials? They’re generally people born between 1977 and 1995. It is found that they enjoy the simpler things in life. They find it easier to function effectively with fewer items around them and more items in storage.
If you were born during this period, maybe you’ll find some things you have in common with most other millennials. They like:

• Smaller Spaces: The idea of a close-knit family relationship is appealing to them, so a smaller home can help to develop that.

• Pieces with Purpose: Multipurpose or convertible pieces are what millennials want. They love furniture items that have a storage compartment in them and they like their furniture to be “sleek, elegant, and more minimalistic than a bulky piece.”

• Fewer Possessions: Millennials believe that the fewer things you own, the easier it is to stay organized. They may also be likely to purge often.

• Not Hand-Me-Downs: They aren’t at all thrilled about having things that people want to simply get rid of, even if it includes family memorabilia. They don’t really want their baby boomer parent’s old stuff.

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