The Most Unbelievable Self-Storage Unit Stories

When you think about self-storage units, we’re pretty sure you just think about the basics, right? You’ve got too much stuff in your house or apartment and you need a place to store it safely or maybe you’ve got a business and you’re looking for a place to store your stock – those are the kind of reasons most people would use their storage units for.
However, most people didn’t include these people that we’re about to tell you about. They had some very different reasons for renting self-storage units. We’re going to tell you about them – you’ll be pretty surprised.

• Max Wade was a young criminal, who had the tendency to perform some particularly ambitious crimes. One of his most interesting feats was stealing a Lamborghini from the floor of a showroom and storing it in his self-storage unit, only taking it out a few times for a joyride. Some of the other items he stored in there was a motorcycle, an AK-47, a .357 revolver, some fake ideas, a cellphone jamming device, and a San Francisco Police Department uniform.

• Dr. Micheal Berkland was a former medical examiner whose license was revoked after he was found to have taken sections of victims’ brains “for teaching purposes” and to have falsified paperwork. When his self-storage unit was opened up, there was found human organs such as hearts, lungs and brains from about 100 people. The organs were mostly stored in Tupperware containers filled with formaldehyde.

• A man (we don’t know his name) rented a self-storage unit and despite his discussion and his rental agreement, decided to go ahead and store his 6 pet snakes in his self-storage unit. To keep them from getting cold, he installed a 100-Watt lightbulb and ran an extension cord around the unit to light up some heat lamps. Unfortunately, a short circuit caused a fire to spark and ravage throughout the unit and throughout the entire facility, destroying 32 self-storage units. Surprisingly no charges were pressed against the man.

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