The Proper Way To Put Your Glassware Away.

Your glassware is probably one of the most fragile things you need to pack away. They can crack, get scratches and lose color. You can’t just store them anywhere. You need to find the perfect place to put those items that you don’t plan to use every day or only on special occasions. This can be a tough task, but it can be done.

We’ve got some tips on how you can safely store away your glassware. Keep reading and you’ll see.

• First, you have to decide what you want and what you don’t want. Take a look at your glassware and figure out which are the most used ones and which are the least used ones. Maybe some of them will never ever be used, so what’s the point of keeping them hidden away to collect dust? Maybe you can give those away or donate them.

• Second, you want to keep the glassware that you use daily, nearby. You can keep them in the cupboards and cabinets of your kitchen. It’s a good idea to remember to put crystal and other more fragile glasses in your cupboard facing right-side up to avoid chipping. Less fragile pieces can be stored downwards, in order to prevent them from collecting dust.

• Third, you need to know the risk. You need to know the levels of fragility of your different types of glassware. Keep in mind also, the areas of the glasses that are the frailest – areas like the handles, stems and rims.

• Fourth, you must maintain a consistent temperature. The environment is actually more important that you think. Don’t store your glassware in areas that have very low or very high humidity or else your items may crack.

• Fifth, remember to use packaging that breathes. It’s a good idea to pack extra glassware in the packaging that you got it in. Make sure the glassware isn’t jammed together and it’ll be fine.

• Sixth, try a little extra protection. No matter what or where you pack your glassware away, make sure that you give it a little extra buffer to keep it stationary and safe. Maybe you’ve packed them in boxes, for example; fill those boxes with packaging peanuts.

• Seventh, do not stack packaging boxes! Doing this can only undermine all your previous attempts to keep your glassware safe. The weight and pressure from the boxes that are stacked on top may press on the underneath boxes, causing cracks or breaks in your boxes.

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