The Solution to Running Out of Condo Storage

Canadian cities like Ottawa are becoming more and more crowded and condos and homes are become more and more smaller in size. This means that most residents are running short on storage space. Homes used to have ample storage space and now that the storage has been reduced and our consumerism hasn’t slowed down this has created a situation where growing families are running out of in-house storage for certain items – especially seasonal items such as bicycles and sports equipment. So what do you do? Well there are some very affordable solutions that don’t require you moving or upgrading to a much bigger place. The best solution is to rent a self storage unit at Just Right Self Storage. This storage facility is centrally located so you will have easy access to your goods and your storage unit in Ottawa regardless of where your condo is located.

Many people are running out of room –  you’re not alone!

Running out of room at your home or apartment if you’re tired of stacking and rearranging boxes, books and furniture then a 5×5 storage unit from Just Right Self Storage is the perfect way to reclaim some breathing room in your home. It’s like adding a walk-in closet that’s available anytime. This size of storage unit is ideal for holding a small mattress set, a chair or dresser, sports equipment or a few extra boxes so you can clear out your garage or free up a cluttered spare room it’s also a great way to store seasonal decorations and garden tools all in a safe, secure place. With Canadian cities becoming more overcrowded and more dense as apartments and condos are getting smaller and smaller, the need for secure and easily accessible storage is growing at a rapid pace.

A storage unit in Ottawa is the perfect addition to your apartment or condo since the combination will cost you significantly less than buying a bigger condo and you will still have the ease of access with 24 hour acesss and security.

Check out our unit sizes and free up some space in your Ottawa condo or home.