The Weekly Challenge: The Master Closet



We as a whole have distinctive sizes and formats with regards to the ace storage room. A few people have a hundred sets of shoes and some have just two. Your circumstance is novel and you should compose it to fit your needs. The objective is to cleanse your things, rearrange the space, and arrange the rest.




Get ready: Gather 8 canisters or boxes, one for each of the accompanying.


  • Keep: Current Season


  • Keep: Out of season


  • Give


  • Offer


  • Junk/Recycle


  • Other Room


  • Shoes


  • Extras




Deal with everything in the storage room. Discharge it totally as you go. Isolate everything into the 8 canisters recorded above (or progressively if necessary). Cleanse the things you do not need anymore, wear or need. Dispose of as much mess as you can.




  • Vacuum or wipe the floor


  • Wipe down entryway, baseboards, doorknobs and switch plates


  • Wipe down racking


  • Tidy lights


Compose: It’s a great opportunity to experience everything in the receptacles. Put the “other room” things where they have a place. Hurl the junk in the waste can outside. Put gifts in your auto and “to offer” things in the carport. While sorting out things in the receptacles, evacuate one thing at any given moment, ordering as you go. Hang like things together and place out of season things in a rubbermaid tote. Mark the container “Jane: Out of season” and place up high on the storeroom rack.


  • Short Sleeve


  • Long Sleeve


  • Sweaters (best if collapsed)


  • Pants/Jeans


  • Dresses


  • Skirts


  • Shorts


  • Satchels/Bags


  • Belts


  • Shoes


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