Things to do With Your Costume After Halloween

Halloween costumes are tremendous fun for the entire family, but the fun is short-lived—only lasting for only one day a year.


We often find ourselves searching for the perfect costume and settling for a third or even fourth choice because we have a tough time justifying the costs of our favourite for only one wear. As the quality of Halloween costumes goes up each year, what we used to think of as a yearly fleeting success is increasingly becoming an absolute pass-time.


Whether you are interested in fantasy, charity, fandom or just making a quick buck, here are x great ideas for what you can do with your Halloween during those other 364 days:


Resell it on eBay


This one seems a bit obvious, but people generally underestimate the size of the market for second-hand costumes. There are many different groups always in search of new and inexpensive costumes. By posting your costume on the trusted auction website, you give yourself good chance at reclaiming some of the cost of that dream costume, or even profiting off your more modest selections.


Start a Family Costume Closet


Your family must be overflowing with creativity and stars in the making. Keep a hold of your Halloween costumes and store them in a costume storage closet, so your family can start building an excellent wardrobe of costumes, props and accessories for those short films and family videos. You can make a project out of writing, creating and editing your own mini-movies to post on YouTube or Instagram to share your family’s eccentricity.


Merge Two Halloween Costumes Together into One


It is a great way to save money and make a unique and unforgettable costume. This year you can go as Frankenstein. Next year, you may go as Dracula. If you save your costumes, you have the option of going Frankula the year after that. This also opens up possibilities for otherwise obscure superheroes like Iron Bat, and Jedi Spiderman. The costume mashup opportunities are limitless.


Donate Costumes to Charity or be a Hero


Donating your costumes to Children’s Hospitals and organizations can help give a child a little bit of escape and a smile at a time when they really need it. Something as simple as giving away your costume can give a fighting child a mental boost.


If you think your costume is a bit too big for a child, and you have some theatrical flair, take your costumes to a group that organizes visits for hospitalized children by costumed heroes and personalities. And give your costumes a renewed purpose


Attend Comic-Con the Right Way


Sticking to the topic of superheroes, comic book conventions are seething with them. If you find yourself with an awesome costume for Halloween, hold on to it for your next local Comic-Con. Join the ever-growing population of cosplayers and appreciate your comic book conventions on a newfangled and more immersive level. You can always get creative and put your own unique spin on your beloved characters.


Have fun this Halloween, and remember that trick or treating only comes but once a year, but the delight of costuming and dressing up does not stop there.


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