Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do For Self-Storage

When you’re using self-storage to store your stuff, you want to ensure that you do all the right things and avoid all the wrong things, so that all the items you have in storage, can remain safe and sound. Read the tips below and you’ll see exactly what we mean.
• Keep your items off the storage unit floor. Place them on pallets of 2’x4’ plywood.

• Make the most of your storage unit’s space by planning how you are going to arrange and rearrange it.

• Add some bars of Irish Spring soap to your unit to help keep the pests away from it.

• Organize your unit with freestanding shelves.

• Make an aisle through the centre off your unit so you can easily walkthrough it when you need to.

• Label all boxes and containers on each side before you store them so that they can be easily identified when necessary.

• Pack the more frequently used items to the front of the storage unit so that they can be easily accessed.

• Cover your items with sheets, moving pads, or light blankets to keep them safe and sound.

• Always disassemble larger items so that you can wrap, label and pack them away safely (this helps to save you some space as well).

• Always check up on your storage unit and the items in it. Do that at least once every month.

• Remember never to store any food items in the self-storage unit because they will encourage pests to come around.

• Clean items, especially appliances, before you store them away.

• Never store any flammable or toxic substance in your unit either.

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