Three Amazing Tips For Organizing

Deniece Schofield is often referred to as the “most organized woman on Earth” because of her several books and many seminars on time and home organization. She’s truly an expert and she’s very willing to help you to tidy up your home.
She confesses that she wasn’t always the tidiest person on the face of the planet. Her house became overrun with clutter and she had trouble keeping track of commitments, but the methods and tips she has used to change that situation is her home has also worked miracles for others too.

Here are three of the tips she offers to regular home owners like you and me, in order to help them to take control of our time and organizing tips.

• Don’t compare yourself: Stop thinking that you’re the one and only person who has these issues. There are a lot of people who are struggling with this. Stop trying to live up to the standards of your next door neighbor, Spick-and-Span Susan or Tremendously-Tidy Tom. Focus on your own energy and strengths and channel them into your tidying tasks.

• Don’t think that you need to downsize: You don’t really have to get rid of stuff; you just need to figure out how to prioritize them. For instance, figure out where you’re going to place the things you use regularly versus where you’re going to place the things you seldom use.

• Endorse balance in your life: Don’t overdo it – try to strike a point of balance in your life. Stay organized according to your own standards, so that they work well to complement your lifestyle. If you realize that you’re not tidying up after yourself quite enough and it’s interfering with the smooth running of your day, then lessen on the tidying and vice versa.

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