Tips For Helping Your Kids Keep Their Room Organized

Kids are cute, messy little human beings. There aren’t many things that you can do to ensure that your kid’s rooms stay spick and span all day long, but you can sure try. It’s only after you continually teach them certain tips, steps and tools they can use to keep their rooms organized, will they grow to effectively do so.
We’re going to take the time to show you some of the things you need to do to help you, help your kids to keep their rooms organized. Let’s go to the bedroom!

• You and your kids need to decide what exactly they’re going to keep and what they’re going to toss. For example, if your children don’t actually play with 10 of their toys, then it makes no sense keeping them. If they do, then you’d start to see their room get cluttered.

• Tell people about what you will or will not be willing to accept when it comes to your child receiving presents for specific occasions. Most gifts that children get are toys and if they already have enough of those, they don’t need any more from family and friends.

• Keep track of what your child really needs so that if people want to get your child something, they will know not to necessarily get them a new toy.

• Do a donation or encourage your child to give some of the toys that they don’t need or want, to their friends.

• Don’t give them too much at a time. You don’t have to give your child ALL the toys you’ve gotten for them for Christmas. Give them one, or a few of them at a time.

• Get a toy bin, so that your kids can have a designated spot to toss all their toys into when they’re done using them.

• Get them involved in cleaning up after themselves. Teach them that they need to pick up toys they see lying around, put them in the proper positions and just try to keep rooms looking as tidy as possible.

• Ensure that you try to make an assessment of your kid’s toys as often as you can, whether it’s every few months or every year.

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